Immigration, the Mexican War zone, the Monroe Doctrine, and the Roosevelt Corollary

Where I’m from on the East Coast of America and in the fields of construction I have worked, I’ve had an overall pleasant experience with the Mexicans and other Latinos I’ve come across. In some instances, after some time, they have become friends of mine as good as any American. Despite the language barrier, the points we wish to communicate can and have been expressed with Spanglish (a mixture of both Spanish and English) and/or hand gestures. I imagine the same pleasant experiences could be for anyone provided you had the patience and respect of other cultures.
I have encountered many who are hard working people who are dedicated to their family and friends and would give the shirt off their back if one showed the need. They tell me in Mexico it’s either: live in the country and farm and be poor, live in the city and work too hard for too little money, work for a cartel and risk being killed for whatever money could be pillaged, or come to America; and, if illegally trekking across the border, you are at peril of being kidnapped and human trafficked or murdered, for the cartel drug traffic is thickest within 100 miles of the border.
Blog del Narco is testimony of this danger. The author has to take every possible precaution to protect his identity or become one of the murders he reports. The type of violence rivaled only in cinema of which the videos that are uploaded contain scenes of the most savage butchery of men, women, and children. Those that make it through that gauntlet certainly contain merits up to par with American standards.
Many who, at first come legally, become illegal after a work visa or some other temporary immigration document runs it’s course. One could see how the hustle and bustle of American life could take most of a low-income worker’s time. Furthering their immigration process gets placed on a “back burner”. Not to mention those who left their families in Mexico whose families have become dependent on the income sent to them from America and take their chances being illegal. As a family man myself, I understand.
At first, I couldn’t understand the resentment of my fellow Americans for the illegal immigrants until I thought of my family as well as my wife’s family who have Naturalization records of my maternal great-grandfather and her grandfather. Our families are proud of the” leap of faith” it must have been for them whether it was necessity that drove them or not. We all have the thought, “We had to do it, why shouldn’t they?”
Why hasn’t an immigration post been built by the Mexican border similar to Angel and Ellis Islands?
Why hasn’t America dealt with the drug cartels and the war zone they have created enveloping our Southern border? If not for anything else than for the violations to human rights?
Why the dispute about money going to Mexico, which is still the Western Hemisphere, when businesses and millionaires routinely move American money overseas?
Couldn’t one argue the federal reserve and it’s collection agency, the Internal Revenue Service is a form of economic conquest by foreign interests and the “untaxable illegal” threatens that conquest?
The European powers, according to the The Monroe Doctrine were obligated to respect the Western Hemisphere as the United States’ sphere of interest. 
The Monroe Doctrine was extended by Theodore Roosevelt with his Roosevelt Corollary in 1905 which meant that the United States had the responsibility to preserve order and protect life and property in the countries of the Western Hemisphere.
America’s situation has bigger issues with better answers that may be able to “kill two birds or more with one stone.”
To invoke both the Monroe Doctrine, in an effort to thwart further economic conquest by these foreign interests, and the Roosevelt Corollary to protect life and property in Mexico by routing the cartels; the results may be more business staying in the Western hemisphere, more control over immigration to America, and less taxes on the citizens and businesses in America providing greater opportunity for the whole Western hemisphere.
In the meantime, America should stop the practices of our oppressors who use us as pawns in a global game of Monopoly. Monopoly  of the money supply and natural, human, and technological resources.

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