The Educational Phoropter

The phoropter, the tool used by ophthalmologists and optometrists to measure the exact vision correction for our eyes. We’re told to look at a screen with different sized letters, and repeat what we see, while the doctor changes and flips different lenses inside the phoropter at our judgement of what is better, until the line of letters signifying 20/20 vision comes clear.

This is meant to be analogous to our mind’s vision of our world and place in society. An inventory of world history, consideration of our representative cultures, and a thorough yet customized education curriculum could correct our vision for the future as the phoropter. The lenses which get changed and flipped are elements of the curricula. The discernment of whether it helps a particular student’s vision is part of a unique prescription. The writing on the wall we judge the prescription on is the empathic society all the past struggle in the world is working toward and great minds have alluded is within each of us. Vision correction is an ongoing process and so will this education process. Fields of expertise can be ascertained for people in this way but the ultimate decision lies with the informed desire of the individual.

Montessori education is characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development. The Montessori system seems one of the best ways to stimulate early cognitive development in children. The trained Montessori instructor could be invaluable for identifying the child’s strengths as a deciding factor in forming the basis of the student’s prescription in the figurative phoropter.

We all come from different backgrounds in various ways but only one history whose facts in the” phoropter” may be able to restore us to a standard vision that is called 20/20.

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