The People Deserve the Truth About September 11, 2001

This heartwarming inspirational message by President Obama this Patriot Day 2013 and Patriot Day Proclamations hitherto covers an insult to the intelligence of America.
Reasoning can not accept what has been passed down to the Public as the truth about September 11, 2001. In the light of physics, past incidents, the events surrounding the attacks, and other inconvenient facts an obvious question presents itself:


I feel sympathy for those who have to live with themselves and their conscious betrayal of historical record and their fellow human beings.
For the memories of those killed that day, for community service, for Justice itself, an investigation of the evidence the 911 Commission failed to deliver and evidence gathered since should take place.

The 911 Commission Report has been questioned by 100 Professors across the country who have valid questions and presentations of them. Also, on the 10 anniversary on September 11, 2011 The Toronto Hearings, which featured experts Jon Cole, Kevin Ryan, Jay Kolar, Richard Gage, David Chandler, Graeme MacQueen, and Laurie Manwell all with outstanding credentials in various fields of expertise rise many questions unanswered by the perpetrators of this modern American tragedy.

One could hope the citizenry would endeavor to uncover the Truth and that they do not submit under the pressure of being labeled a “conspiracy theorist” or any other attack on an inquiring mind so that Justice will be served to those who lost their lives that day.


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